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Cats and Daddys

In the years 1337-39, there were some strange-named inhabitants in the village. Namely: Joan Kop, Hugh and Mrs Cat, Roger and Mrs Ram, Alice Bull, Ellen Horri, John Bib, Rudolf Congi and Thomas Daddy. The vicar of the time was John of Walton and he and the villagers did not get on well together. A crowd, including the Cats and Daddys, raided the vicar’s property, assaulted and beat him and stole some goods and chattels worth £20.00 (which was an extremely large amount in 1339). They were summoned to appear before the Justice of the Peace but no-one appeared and nothing was heard of the affair again

Charles Hallam

A person of note in the village was Charles Hallam, who was once Barrow’s ‘Town Crier’ and who died at the age of 94 in 1928. The other positions he held during his working life were the local ‘poster and pinder’, the ‘knocker-up’ for the quarrymen in the early mornings, schoolmaster, postman and constable

William Lee - Church Warden

A well-known character in Barrow was William Lee, lime burner, whose gravestone can be seen in the churchyard. He was Church Warden at Holy Trinity church from 1854 – 1868.

Complaints were received that the church was too cold in the winter-time and the Vicar - Rev W. Newham, mentioned this to Mr Lee, his Church warden. “I will see that more coal is put into the stove” came the reply, “and you Vicar, put more fire into the pulpit”.


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