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Walking the Jitties

Barrow upon Soar is criss-crossed with jitties. Some are easy to find: others are more difficult to spot.

This guide is to show you where to find most of them. They are Rights of Way, so you are not trespassing.

They add variety to village walks and reveal alternative views of the village. The street names are shown on the “A-Z of Streets” available from the Parish Council Offices, the Library, the Paper Shop and other outlets, you can also view on it on this site.

A) Buttermere Way to Strancliffe Lane

This leads between the back of Strancliffe Hall and the new estate off Willow Road. Eventually, more jitties will be added.

Strancliffe Lane is a bridleway from Cotes Road to Nottingham Road. Towards Nottingham Road it becomes very wet in bad weather – hence the local name of “mud alley”.

B) Buttermere Way to Cotes Road

This goes between Strancliffe Hall and Humphrey Perkins School exiting on to Cotes Road opposite Northfields House.

(It is narrow and not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs).

C) Cotes Road to King George's Field (recreation ground)

At the front of Humphrey Perkins School, you will see an off shoot of Cotes Road going to the right of the Community Centre. Follow this into King George’s Field (a.k.a. King George V’s field). The path through the playing field is clearly marked by slabs. There are 4 exits:

D) Beaumont Road

Into Beaumont Road (between Nos. 76 and 78)

E) Wycliffe Ave

Into Wycliffe Avenue (see the commemorative plaques on the uprights of the gate)

F) Thirlmere Road

In the corner near swings, does into Thirlmere Road (beside No. 13)

G) Salters Lane

Into Salters Lane (see below)

H) Salters Lane

This goes from North Street (opposite the Methodist Church) into King George’s Field recreation ground.

Local lore holds that it’s called “Salters” in memory of the very ancient “Salt Way” that came over the Wolds into Barrow somewhere near Paudy Lane/Melton Road).

I) Grasmere Close to North Street

A shortcut from North Street into the ‘Lakes’ Estate.

J) Ennerdale Road to Birch Avenue

From the end of the Ennerdale Road cul-de-sac (beside no. 33) to 15 Birch Avenue.

K) Nursery Grove to Brook Lane

From Nursery Grove (off Fishpool Way), beside no.14 to the end of Brook Lane - often muddy.

L) Fishool Brook - Brook Lane to Fishpool Way and Melton Road

This long jitty has 3 main exits – one at the end of Brook Lane; one off Fishpool Way; and one off Melton Road near its junction with Breachfield Road/Babington Road. It follows Fishpool Brook for most of its way with side access going into Newton Close, Heron Road and Swan Close.

The brook is usually dry in summer with what little water it carries being underground along this stretch (probably because its bed, at this point, is porous limestone).

M) Mallard Road to Branston Avenue

A path across a green space in the middle of the estate. A side path leads to the Fishpool Brook (see 8).

The jitty runs alongside the remains of a limestone quarry (known locally as a “delph” from the old word “delve” meaning to dig or quarry).

N) Breachfield Road to Melton Road

Running between nos. 59 and 61 Breachfield Road, past a side path into Condon Road, across Wheatley Close, and on to Melton Road, where it is signposted to “Seagrave” and “Gypsy Lane”. (Gypsy Lane is a field lane near “Quorn Park” which was the base for the Quorn Hunt after it left Quorn and before it moved to Kirby Bellars).

O) Grove Lane to Sileby Road

Not very obvious! The exit on to Grove Lane (opposite the Scout HQ) looks like a path to the row of houses overlooking the railway. In fact, it turns a corner and goes between nos. 9 and 11 of Sileby Road.

(This is not suitable for wheel chairs or pushchairs.)

P) Sileby Road to Avon Road

The jitty runs between nos. 26 and 28 Sileby Road to between nos. 37 and 39 Avon Road.

It goes round the back of what was Driver’s hosiery factory. The plot is still an industrial estate. Just before Avon Road it runs beside the Fishpool Brook near its junction with the River Soar.

Q) Avon Road to Welland Road

Beside no. 22 Avon Road there is a small green which the jitty circuits before going into a passage emerging between nos. 9 and 11 Welland Road.

R) Pig's Close - Mill Lane to Bridge Street

From no. 52 Mill Lane, past the playground and along the canal to Bridge Street (between Cliffe House and no. 7 Piets Close Cottage. The area is thought to be named after a family who owned a small field (a “close” as in “enclosure”). Alternative sources give it as “Pigs Close” or “Piet’s Close”. There is a side branch halfway along going up to between nos. 22 and 24 Holbourne Close.

S) South Street to Holbourne Close & Cramps Close

Near the Jerusalem roundabout, beside no. 2 South Street, is a short jitty into Holbourne Close. Beside no. 23 Holbourne Close is a jitty into the end of Cramps Close.

T) Barrowcliffe Jitty

At the bottom of Bridge Street, behind the Riverside pub, is a long jitty that rises steeply up to the footbridge over the railway. (It is not suitable for wheelchairs as it is so steep.)

The footbridge used to give access to trains at the original station. It overlooks Crossley Close, which was then the marshalling yard and coal depot.

The jitty continues between Barrowcliffe and The Rookery to Cotes Road between nos. 29 and 31.

U) Shooting Close Lane

Halfway up the High Street, opposite the pharmacy, is a jitty which splits into two – to the right along Shooting Close Lane to Melton Road near the railway bridge; and to the left along Little Lane to its exit beside no. 4A Beveridge Street.

Shooting Close Lane is possibly a reference to a field where people practised rifl e shooting.

V) Church Lane

This jitty is a shortcut, past the back of the Parish Church, between Church Street and the Hammer and Pincers pub in North Street.

W) Grays Court

The jitty runs around the side of Grays Court sheltered housing, in a twisty route, to Church Street and Hollybush Lane (where it is signposted “to Bryans Close”).

X) Hollybush Lane - Church Street to Breadcroft Lane

At the corner of Church Street, where it turns into Highfields, is the jitty known for years as “Hollybush Lane” but now signposted as “The Hollybush”.

The house just in the jitty, by the turning to Grays Court/Bryan Close, used to be the Catholic Church. You can still see the Church Bell.

Y) Hall Orchard to New Street, Highfields & Melton Road

This complex of jitties runs down from the Primary School to New Street where it splits into two - one going right to Melton Road alongside the school playground, the other left to the junction of Highfields and Breadcroft Lane.

Guided Walks 1 & 2

Guided Walks 1 & 2 (PDF Document 1.65 Mb.)

Apdf version can be downloaded here.


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