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Soldiers and Sailors Comforts Fund

During World War I, many Comforts Funds were set up to raise money to send clothing, food and cigarettes to soldiers and sailors. Barrow was no exception.

The  extracts below are taken from back copies of Holy Trinity Church Parish Magazine.  Thanks to Richard Hudson for finding the Parish Magazine extracts.

The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Comforts Fund- Feb. 1917

Much has been done by the committee of the above fund in sending parcels to our men on active service, both at home and abroad. 278 Christmas parcels and sixteen postal orders were sent in December and since then 130 parcels have been sent to men in France. Many letters of appreciation have been received from recipients expressing their gratitude for the kindness and sympathy of their friends in Barrow.

At the last committee meeting it was proposed that collections should be held in the various places of worship in aid of the fund. In the Parish Church the offertory will be given on Sunday January 24th.

Dec. 1917

Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Presents – At a meeting of the Committee, held in the Church Room on Tuesday Nov. 6th, it was decided to send a P.O. for 5s. as a Christmas gift, with an accompanying message, to all the men from the parish now in service, numbering over 400. A sum of £70 was in hand, and a house-to-house collection was decided upon to make up the balance necessary. Any contributions to the above will be gratefully received by the Hon. Secretary, Mr. T. Corbett.


For our Sailors and Soldiers – We have received the sum of 6s. 6d., the proceeds of a Cottage Concert given by Annie Bolland at her home amongst her friends, who were all asked to give something for the Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Fund. It is an excellent example, which may well be followed, as we hope it will be.

May 1918

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Comfort Fund – We have received the sum of seven shillings and five pence from some Juvenile Maypole Dancers for the above fund and sixpence from another band. This is most encouraging and shows a spirit of self-denial and sympathy which is much to be commended. The children who took part are as follows:- Winnie Marlow, Lucy Marlow, Alice Evans, Dorothy Evans, Maggie Hands, Vera Hands, Marjorie James, Cissie Pick, Agnes Lewin, Ina Perkins. 

June 1918

Jumble Sale – It is proposed to hold a Jumble Sale, by the kind permission of Mr. James Wright, at Barrow Cliff, on Wednesday June 9th, at 3 o’clock, in aid of the Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Comforts Fund. Miss Wright will be glad to send for any articles for the Sale, on receipt of a post-card. The cause is one which will appeal to all, and we hope it will be heartily supported. 

July 1918

The Jumble Sale, for the benefit of the Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Comforts Fund which was to have been held last month has had to be postponed and is now fixed to take place on Monday July 22nd at 3 o’clock in the grounds of Barrow Cliff.

August 1918

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Comforts Fund – The Fancy Dress Parade in aid of the above fund, which was held on Saturday July 20th, realised a sum of about £115. We congratulate those who organised this effort on the successful result of their labours.

August 1918

The Jumble Sale – The proceeds of the Sale, in aid of the Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Comforts Fund, amounted to over £31. We are much indebted to Miss Wright and her helpers for making this effort, and we are glad it was so successful.

Nov. 1918

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Comforts Committee – At a meeting held on Monday October 28th it was decided to send a Christmas Greeting, with a gift of 5s. to all the men from the parish who are on active service, whether at home or abroad. The number is about 400.

Dec. 1918

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Fund – The Sale organised by the Committee and held at the Assembly room on Saturday, Nov. 30th in aid of the above fund, raised over £45.

Jan. 20

The following amounts have been contributed in various ways during the past five years:-

  £ s. d.
For the Belgian Relief Fund 706 17 5
For the Prisoners of war Fund 498 13 2
For the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Comforts Fund (inc. Welcome Home) 736 7 4
For the Peace Celebrations 115 13 2
  2,057 11 1

Jan. 20

The Parish War Memorial The following sums are in hand for the above:-

  £ s. d.
Balance of Peace Celebration Fund 37 19 1
Balance of Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Comforts Fund   9 11
Balance of Prisoners of War Fund 208 13 2
Half of Offertory on Thanksgiving Day July 6th 10 1 10
  257 4 0

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Comforts Fund – Balance Sheet:-

Receipts £ s. d.
Balance from last account (audited 20th Oct. 1918) 157 11
Collections, &c., Xmas 1918 30 12 0
White Elephant Sale 50 5
Welcome Home donations from Factory, &c. 35 10 9
Sale of surplus food 3 17 2
Bank Interest 1 9 0
  279 5 4




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