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003. Ledger Stone - Elizabeth Smalley d.1784

Location:  Floor of South Transept


  1. Rectangular floor slab with lettering in Roman caps. Names are in italics  The long s is used. There is a rose at each corner. Incised border.
  2. slate
  3. 18th century
  4. L 184cm W 61cm
  5. JC is written on bottom right hand corner
  6. -
  7. See 006  (Ref a) (Ref b)
  8. _
  9. Here are/deposited/the remains of Smalley relict of Mr/Ralph Smalley Gent./ She died Feb. 29th.1784/Aged near 80 years / e/  The Good, the Social Neighbours gone/ Friend to her Kindred and the Poor:/ But Few her  Failings (Who has one?)/  Free Acts of Goodness greatly more./ Those with Devotions gone  before,/ She followed to her place of reƒt;/ Her draining seed-time ƒpends no more/ Harvest o’er pays that Gainful Waƒte./ Her’s like old Anna’s Widowhood,/ An easy, long, and  ious one:/ Be read for Imitation ƒho’d/ The Page of this Memorial ƒtone  a 2 Cor. 1X.  6 b. Luke 11.36 JC 
  10. (Ref a)Nichols History of the Antiquities of Leicestershire.  Barrow upon Soar P75 (Ref b)  Lynne Brookes. Holy Trinity Church Barrow upon Soar.


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