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HP Class of 66

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List of Teachers

No 1. Mr P. Whittingham – Science/Mr Williams- Chemistry No 2. Mr P. Salmon -Latin /Mr Sentence-Geography No 3. Mr B. Crump - Woodwork, Metalwork, Design
No. 4 Mr R. Berry – Maths No. 5 Mr K. Gentle – Art No. 6
No. 7 No 8. Alan Leah (Biology & Maths) No. 9 Miss P. Chandler – Typing and Office Skills
No. 10 Mr Alexander – Science No 11. Mrs Morley (Domestic science or sewing) No 12. Mr Ellis (Geography or Chemistry) 
No.13  No. 14 Joe Rolfe No. 15 Mr B. Smith – P.E./Mr M. Roper – English
No 16. Mr A. Weir – Geog./Eng./Biol. No. 17 Jean – in charge of the kitchen No18.  Mr Bonsor (Music) 
No 19. Mr W Jacques No 20. Bernard Elliott (History) No 21. Mr C. Holliday – Design, Woodwork etc.
No 22. Miss Walker – French No 23.  Mr Dunn (Head Teacher) No 24. Mr Marshall (Deputy Head)
No. 25.  No.26. Mrs S. Williams nee Tompkins – General Subjects No,27 Miss J. Pickup – Domestic Science
No. 28 No.29 M/s Jo McDonald No. 30 Mrs E. Woodruff – Biology
No.31 Mr S. O’Brien – Art No 32. Mr C. Green/Mr C. Porter-Technician No 33. Mr B. Payne – R.E.
No. 34 M/s C. White – Biology No. 35 Mr R. Print – Maths No 36. Mr A. Blackburn –Maths/ P.E.
No 37. Mr K. Williams – P.E. No. 38. Mr Greenwood/Mr Lamb No 39. Mr Worsnip – R.E.
No. 40 Mr D. Perkins No 41. Mr D. Williams – Chemistry and Physics No. 42 Mr D. Cooke – Maths
No. 43 Mr J. Foster – Remedial No.42 No. 45. Mrs M. Barker – Secretary
No 46. Mrs W. Woodcock – Bursar    


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