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HP Class of 66

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List of Teachers

No 1. Mr Williams (Chemistry) No 2. Mr Sentence (Geography) No 3. Mr Crump (Metalwork/Design Tech)
  No 8. Alan Leah (Maths)  
  No 11. Mrs Morley (Domestic science or sewing) No 12. Mr Ellis (Geography or Chemistry) 
    No 15. Mr Ernest Print (Maths) 
No 16. Mr Weir (English)    No18.  Mr Bonsor (Music) 
No 19. Mr Jacques No 20. Bernard Elliott (History) and author of book about the school. No 21. Mr C. Holliday (Technical Drawing)
No 22. Miss C. M. Walker  No 23.  Mr Dunn (Head Teacher) No 24. Mr Marshall (Deputy Head)
  No 32. Mr C. Porter  No 33. Mr B. Payne (R.E. & English or Mr Lamb - English & History)
    No 36. Alan Blackburn (PE)
No 37. Keith Williams (PE & Games)    No 39. Mr Worsnip (English & R.E.) 
  No 41. D. Williams    
No 46. Mrs Woodcock  (School Secretary)     


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