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North Street 1920s - 1950s

As remembered by Mrs Marion Kimber nee Lockwood.

Please note that the positions are only approximate as most of the properties no longer exist.


 A) Mr & Mrs Iliffe 3 storey building & veg. Shop.
1) Mr & Mrs Iliffe 3 storey building & veg. Shop.


 B) Mr & Mrs Morgan (Cobblers Shop and Dwelling)
 C) Mr & Mrs Neal

Terraced Houses still stand.

 D) Mrs Dilkes
 E) Mrs Roadley

Terraced Houses still stand.

 F) Mrs Wall

Terraced Houses still stand.

 G) Mrs Foster.

There was also a cottage at the rear, the home of Mrs Foster.

 H) Rectory Farm
 I) Rectory Farm buildings

Crew Yard, Barn and General Farm Buildings.

 J) Clarence House (Hubbard's).
 K) Thatched roofed cottages
 L) Terraced cottages
 M) Coalhill Yard

Coalhill Yard where the library now stands. These were all cottages in an L shape with toilets in the middle. I think there were 9 cottages in all.

 N) Pages Fish Shop

This also sold veg. Two cottages behind the shop.

 O) Mrs Wells, Drapers.
P) Cottage of Mrs Ferrin.

Salter's Lane with a cottage and wooden Bungalow

 Q) Mr & Mrs Lockwood

Butchers Shop & Cottage.

 R) Mrs Thomson


 S) Mr & Mrs Hands


 T) Mr & Mrs Ives


 U) Mr & Mrs Ives


 V) Farmyard

Farmyard consisting of Barn, Crew yard etc.

 W) 3 cottages (pulled down),

3 cottages (pulled down), next to the Old Fox Inn, still standing.Small Barn and Yard

 X) Terraced Houses called Monkey Row

Terraced Houses called Monkey Row, Bill and Tom Dilkes, Mrs Mr and Mrs Heggs, Mr & Mrs Cliffe, Mr & Mrs Spencer, A Shelton, Mrs Buckingham, Mr & Mrs Hallam. Then the entrance into Wakefield.

 Y) Cottage with tin roof, home of Mr& Mrs West

Row of Cottages, Mr& Mrs Smith, Mr & Mrs Taylor, Mr & Mrs Whiteman, Mrs Burt, Mr & Mrs Lacey, Mrs Burgess, etc. Plus 3 or 4 thatched cottages at what we called Town End (still do).

 Z) Lime Kiln, Public House.

Large single house (Bryan), Breadcroft Lane ;

 a) House of Mrs Gubb.
 b) Sharpes Bike and Wireless Shop.

Row of Houses:

Mr & Mrs Morrell, Mr & Mrs Sault, Mr & Mrs Gudgings

Mr & Mrs Clarke,Mrs Williamson.

 c) Lewins General Store and Bake house.

1 House

 d) Entry to yard with 4 houses

2 houses on front, Mr & Mrs Lacey, Mrs Reeves. There used to be a Farmhouse at the rear of these houses. Entrance to Farmhouse. Terraced Houses, Mr & Mrs Lewin, R. Ferrin, Mr & Mrs Lovett.

 e) Burrows Shop (General).
 f) Old Ladies Hospital.
 g) Royal Oak Public House
 h) Cottage adjoining Methodist Chapel,
 i) Drive to Conservative Club.
 j) Cottages, Miss Page (Teacher Infant School, Cotes Road)
 k) Chippendale House,
 l) Perkins (Builders) Yard

The house there was once used for theTOC.H Library and School Dentist.


Some old pictures of North Street

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