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Inns of Barrow upon Soar - The Soar Bridge Inn


The Soar Bridge

The Soar Bridge Inn

Formerly the Railway Inn Bridge Street

It was originally a hostel for boatmen. The inn was once distinguished by a well rendered
painting on the gable end of a railway engine, and was known as the Railway Inn. When extensive alterations were made to the interior it was re-named the Soar Bridge Inn.

In 1880, William Hall was publican at the Railway Inn.  His son was George Hall, and his grandson-William Hall was also born in Barrow in 1879.   *This information is provided by Jacqeline Hall whose husband is the great-great-grandson of William, the publican.

Extract from “A Short History of Barrow upon Soar“by R H Bennett

"1838 – 1840 The Railway built through Barrow was opened on 5th May 1840 with a double track. It was then know as the Midland Counties Railway, afterwards re-named the Midland Railway in 1844. It then became possible to journey by train to London. In 1868 the Railway through Barrow was widened to four lines under the direction of John Crossley, chief engineer. Mr Crossley built Barrow House and lived there for many years.

John Ellis was the chairman of the railway at this time and Thomas Brassey the contractor for this section of the track. The cost was £15,000 per mile. Great difficulty was experienced in building the bridge over the River Soar, known as "Cast Iron Bridge" for no footing could be found owing the great depth of soft earth. Mr Crossley brought several old wide canal boats from Nottingham which he loaded with stones and iron and sank to the bottom, thus keeping back the earth and running sand and making possible a firm foundation. When the first track was laid through Barrow the metals were placed on stone sleepers, but it was found that wooden sleepers were an improvement. The stones were sold and the houses in Freestone Square and the Cliffe houses on Sileby Road were built of them."


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