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Inns of Barrow upon Soar

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“Inns of the Village

…………………in 1846 with a smaller population there were no less than eight. These were the King's Head, Bishop Blaise, The Fox, The Navigation, Three Crowns, The Ram, The Royal Oak, Blacksmiths Arms and KingWilliam IV. At the same time there were other establishments known as Beer houses but did not have a name. Nine in number.*

Information regarding the Inns of Barrow was compiled by Mr B C Sharman from the County Records Office, New Walk, Leicester"

Extract from "This is your Village: Barrow upon Soar" compiled by Barrow Scouts

I wonder if these were:*

"1846 – In addition to the public houses we now have, there was one kept by Mrs Ward on Sileby Road. There was also the "Red Cow" kept by George Lindsey Hull, on Sileby Road, the "King's Head" kept by John Johnson opposite the shop of Mr Casterton; the Ram Inn, kept by John Bonser (parish clerk) the house now occupied by Mr Holland; the New Inn, kept by William Hubbard, the house now occupied by Mr Ryder; the "Cherry Tree" kept by Mrs Ball, near the *Mount " (which is on High Street)

"Extract from "A Short History of Barrow upon Soar" by R H Bennett

Information and photographs taken from "Guided Walks around Barrow upon Soar (Vol. 1 the Village Centre)" "Bygone Barrow upon Soar Vols 1 and 2" by John and Barry Wilford, "Barrow upon Soar in Photographs Vols 1 and 2" by F Kevon Thompson, "Barrow Voice", "This is your Village: Barrow upon Soar" and "Barrow upon Soar 2002 - 350 Points of View: A complete Pictorial Survey" by Kevon Thompson - Available to view at

Street Photos of Barrow by Kevon Thompson

along with various other information.

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The Bishop Blaise The Blacksmith's Arms
The Fox Inn The Hunting Lodge
The King William IV The King's Head
The Moorings The Navigation
The Ram The Royal Oak
Soar Bridge Inn The Three Crowns
The Trap  


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