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039. Memorials Described by John Nichols which are no longer visible.

Location:  Various 


    1.  A flat tomb of Sir Thomas Erdington, with these escutcheons: 1 Two lions passant (fig 3) 2 A lion rampant within a border (fig 8) and another flat tomb , on which were engraven , on one escutcheon , two lions passant as before ;and on another  a lion rampant(fig 7) inscribed “ Hie jacet Walterus filius Thome Erdington, militia ,qui obit 1430
    2.  On the chancel floor ,on an old flat alabaster stone, are tricked, under rude pediments with finials and a blank shield over his head, the figure of a man with short hair, with a round cap, in a long close gown with full sleeves and an ermine cape, between two wives, in the veil head-dress, belts and cordons ; their hands all elevated in prayer;and below them eighteen children (fig9);thus inscribed;  “Hie jacet Will’m’s Baynard,/de Barrow sup: Soore, et Johanna et Alicia urores ej ;/qui Will’m’s rebbibit Deo Maii 26die,/anno Dom :1550 ;et Johanna obit 26 die Februarii,anno/Dom:1537;quor’ a’i’ab’s  ppiciet ‘Deus.Amen.”  These two memorials are also described by William Burton in “The Description of Leicestershire” (started in 1597 and published in 1622). Nicholls may have used Burton as his source for these two memorials. Burton also describes the arms in the windows of the church : In a North Window.  The picture of a Knight in armour, kneeling , opposite to his Lady, on both of whose surcoats “Azure two Lions passant, Or” and under written in very old letters, Henricus de Erdington,.......a de Erdington. In the South-east Window, “Azure two Lions passant ,Or.”  In a South Window. “ Gules three Lions passant gardant,Or. Azure three Lions passant, Or. In a North Window. Gules three lions passant gardant,Or, a label of 5points Arg.” Tho. De Brotherton

    1.  ..“Here lyeth the body of George Waldram the elder,/who departed this life the 10 day of Feb./in the 68th year of his age,/in the year of our Lord 1720/21”
    2.  .“William Waldram, May 18, 1726/;and died Aug.18,1717.
    1.  Henry  Boryson,  gent. 1687
    2.  . ....... a chevron.......between three garbs........ (fig 13)
    3.  . Here lieth the body of Thomas Ferriman, gent./who departed this life the 17 day of Dec./ in the year of our Lord1742/in the 82d year of hs age./
    4.   . Here lieth the body of Mary/relict off Thomas Ferriman,gent./she departed this life the 21st day of Nov. In the year of our Lord 1748,aged 60.”
    5.  . Arms..........three pales........on a chief/.....thre fleurs de lis........(fig 16)  Here lieth the body/ of the rev, Mr.Thomas Squires, M.A. /late of Quorndon in this county./ He departed this life on the 21st day of April,/in the year of our Lord 1768,aged 38 years.
    2.  . “Here lieth the body of Easho,/the daughter of Michael Boswell by Ruth his wife./ She died June 19,1729,aged 15 years. In a footnote Nichols records that Michael Boswell was commonly styled King of the Gypsies. 
    3.  .Here lieth the body of Philippa,/daughter of Theophilus Lilley,/and widow of the late Richard Gilbert, deceased./She departed this life the 23 of October,/in the year of our Lord 1739, and in the 83d year of her age:/Who had issue three sons and four daughters;/Theophilus. Richard, and George;/Elizabeth, Philippa the first, Philippa the second/and Mary./Near to this place five of her children lie;/which five departed in their infancy. Elizabeth Lilley was her sister dear:/Unto this place her body lieth near./ She in her life did practise chirugery:/Many great cures she did for charity;/Those that were poor. Nothing did  she them charge;/As for the rich their bills were not large./For charity few might with her compare/Nor piety in using constant prayer:/Zealous she was, and made a godly end;/A civil neighbour, and a dear mis’d friend. Their children all are dead of whom we speak,/But Philippa wife of William Leak:’Tis only he, of seven, is left alone,/Who was at charge engraving of this stone, Mary her sister she was married/At Sileby ,died, and there was buried.” 
    1.  ”Here lieth the body of Thomas Greasley ,gent./who departed ths life March 13, 1716/27/in the 38 year of his age.”
    2.  ”Here lieth the body of Mary Hall, wife of Thomas Hall, daughter of Thomas Greasley ,gent./by Elizabeth his wife,/who departed this life December the 6th day ,/ann.Dom.1722,aged 20 years and 4 days”        
    3.  Here also lieth the body of /Thomas Greasley ,of Mountsorrel,gent. son of the above said Mr .Greasley ,/who departed this life September the 5th/in the year of our Lord 1738./ and in the 29 year of his age./ He married Elizabeth ,daughter of /Nicholas Mason of Burton super Woulds,gent.;/by whom he left issue one daughter”/
  1. . Nichols records a small slab which  commemorates, he believes, memorials which used to be there to the  many vicars of the Beveridge family.  “M.S./Johnis,Wml,etc./gentis Beveridgianae, instaurante V.F./1756   
  2.    (On a flat stone) “ Carulus Heathcote,/Radulphi & Mariae filius nate & aetate tertius,/felicutate autem primus, /obijt Martij die 8 ,sepultus 10,/anno Christi 1726,aetatis secundo. “/
  3.   “Here lieth deposited the remains of/George son of Mountjoy Fisher,gent.of Cussington. He died the 6th of April, 1726, aged 42 years./And also of Millicent his wife, /daughter of Thomas Greasley,gent. of Mountsorrel. /She died on 23d of July,1744 ,aged 70/”
  4.   “To the  memory of George English,/late of Mountsorrel innholder,/he married Phebe, daughter of Thomas Greasley,/of Mountsorrel aforesaid,gent./and had issue by her nine children,/viz. George,Trueman,George,Phebe,/Mary,Thomas,Edward Millicent,and Anne./ He departed this life December the 2nd ,1757/aged 62 years./Here also lies interred the body of Phebe,/wife of the above said George English./She departed this life October the 1st.1766,/in the 54th year of her age./”
  5. . “To the memory of George, Trueman, Thomas,/Millicent, Edward and George,/children of George and Phebe English;/George died Jan 24.1731,aged 8 months;/Trueman March 7, 1732 Aged 7 months;/Thomas Nov 25,1744,in the 6th year of his age;/Millicent Nov 10,1745, in the 3rd year of her age;/Edward April 6,1748, in th 8th year of his age; /George May 24,1754,aged 22 years.”


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