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032. Rerodos - John Crossley d.Jun 10th 1879 / Agnes Crossley d.Aug 22nd 1884 / Agnes Crossley d.Dec 10th 1856

Location:  East End


 JOHN CROSSLEY    died June 10th 1879 / AGNES CROSSLEY died August 22nd 1884

  AGNES CROSSLEY died December 10th 1856  

  1.  A large stone memorial. It consists of a middle panel which depicts the Last Supper and two long panels, one on each side of the East window: each one has a single statue at the top with a row of three statues below .On the right hand side the saints are: Bartholomew, holding a knife and skin, St James the Greater, holding a crook and shell, St Andrew holding a saltire. On the left hand side the three saints are ; Simon, holding a saw, Chad, holding a book and crook , and Philip holding a crook with a small cross at the top  
  2. Sandstone
  3. Late 19th century
  4. inaccessible
  5. The sculptor was Nathaniel Hitch. He was responsible for the statues used in the restoration of the Palace of Westminster and Beverley Minster as well as an enormous number of buildings both here and abroad. For more information see the Wikipedia article by Gordon Lawson who brought this to our attention.
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  7. The reredos was erected in memory of John Crossley, the railway engineer who lived in Barrow House and is buried in the churchyard. For more information see the Barrow Heritage web site.
  8. Mr & Mrs Stuart Thompson. Mrs Thompson was John Crossley’s daughter Bertha and they lived in the Mount.
  9. On the North side of the memorial: To the glory of God and in loving memory/of John Crossley who died June 10th 1979.
    On the South side of the memorial: Also of Agnes his wife died August 22 1884, and of their eldest daughter Agnes died Dec 10 1856.
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