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031. Wall Tablet - Robert Braham 1600 / Henry Cave 1600

Location:  Chancel North East Wall


  1. A large architectural wall monument headed by a lozenge coat of arms in a decorative round surround supported by curved brackets on an oblong panel with curved ends and a deeply recessed black border. £cm. BLAZON of two quarters. I and 4 Azure fretty argent (Cave). 2 Erminr on a bend sable three whales' heads erased argent (Walley) 3 Argent, a chevron sable between three martlets vert (Penrith) 5. Satble a cross potence or (however on this lozenge the background is black denoting death) The panel is inscribed as a memorial to Henry and Robert in black upper and lower case gothic script.
  2. Stained and painted glass and lead.
  3. 1st quarter 17th century
  4. Inaccessible
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  9. Top Tablet

    Memorials upon the Iyves and deathes of henry cave of Barrow upon Soar esq. Who married phillip daughter and heir to Robert Braham of Barrow aforrsaid esq who dyed successively henry cave the 26, of june, 1600 

    Ro Braham 16 of nov 1600

    Mid Tablet

    Impyety yt were; warn men be dead and gone-- their virtuous arts should sleep and be reviv'd by none

    Bottom Split Tablet (left)

    In Robertum Braham

    If histories be cald the registers of time - wherin the worthy actes of ancestors doe shine or if that trophes be memorials of our name or if that monuments be records of our fame then may I well adorne thy tombe with thy defeat whoe for thy wisdome grave with sages equal werte for thee the Graces taught and thee the Angels kept for thee thy frendes do mourne, for thee the Muses wept; Thy love and zeale to God, the virtue of thy mynde prepared thee for heaven, and left thy prayses byhinde

    Braham from Abraham derived by fay the alone like Abraham, for hopeful Sonne had daughter one from whom succeeding times may many comforts have by issue of both sectes begotten by a Cave in Cave they comforte had, in Cave they all shall rest in Cave from cares the sleepe their souls be ever blest Heaven for their presence joyes, on earthe bewayle their lotte Heaven holds their purest partes the earthe conteynes their drosse

    Bottom Split Tablet (right)

    In Henrycum Cave

    Let him that have a wonded hart-- and feels my greefe come beare a part -- for, publicke woe, in pryvat borne -- Confoundes a mynde with sorrow torne -- most deere, as deer as any might -- no Death shall once eclipse thy light -- nor Tyme deprive thee of thy prayse -- who art the storye of our dayes -- Thy living fame shall never dye -- although thy body here doth lye --That glory which thy virtue wonne -- shall Iyve when ages all be donne -- Thy modest minde enricht with art-- doth Iyve in every lovinge hart -- Thou, in despite of Envyes pen -- shall be a mirror unto men -- for love to wyfe for faith to friend -- for upright Iyte and godly end -- These have possess'd thy soule in peace -- through Christ with whom no comforts cease --


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