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024 / 025. Floor Slab - John Herrick d.1760

Location:  North Aisle Floor


    1. This memorial consists of a rectangular slate slab, set into the floor The shallow incised decoration is inset with white inlay. The top panel consist of a coat of arms, deeply carved in the middle of two scrollwork supports. The coat of arms is very worn, but probably consisted of a shield bearing the arms of Herrick impaling Marshall, with a helm facing sideways with mantling. The arms were made up of Argent, a fers Vaine, Or and Gules ref (a). Below this there is a roped stringing pattern with dots separating the 2 parts of the face of the slab. The two main worded panels lie within a narrow surround, which is decorated with 2 wide stringing lines, with an elliptical and diamond pattern which is duplicated on the other side of the memorial. The 2 panels are split lengthways with another stringing pattern of dots and ribbons. This makes a frame around the two inverted Capitals. The bottom of the slab is finished off with more scrollwork. The  panel on the left side is incised as follows:

      Lines 1, 7.12                                            Gothic Capitals and Quadaratum Minuscule
      Lines 2,4,5,6,9,11,13,15,16,17,18,19         Roman Capitals and Minuscule
      Lines 3, 14                                               Roman capitals in Renaissance Form Deep Cut
      Lines 8, 10                                               Italic Roman capitals & Minuscule
      The panel on the right side is incised as follows:
      Lines 1, 8                                                Gothic Capitals and Quadaratum Minuscule
      Lines 2,6,7,10,11,12,13,15                        Roman Capitals and Minuscule
      Line 4                                                      Roman Capitals in Renaissance Form Deep Cut
      Lines 3, 5,9,14                                         Italic Roman capitals and Minuscule
    2. Slate
    3. Second half of the 18th century
    4. H. 295 cms.     W.120 cms
    5. -
    6. Tinkler of Derby appears on the slab; but (see 018) he was perhaps responsible for moving the slab from elsewhere in the church...
    7. John Herrick was the second son of William Herrick of Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire. He was born in 1691 and married Elizabeth Thurnby, a widow, in 1715. She was the daughter of Samuel Marshall, a yeoman from Burton on the Wolds. (see 023)
    8. -
    9. Top Section:   This panel consisted of the Coat of Arms as described above, now badly worn.
      Left Hand panel: Here Lieth/interred the remains of/JOHN HERRICK/of Beaumont Leys in the /County of Leicester. Gent. /second son of William Herrick/Late of Beaumanor, esq. /Who departed this life/the 1st of November, 1760, age 68 years
      Also near this Place/ lie interred the Remains of /ELIZABETH/ one of the Daughters of /JN & ELIZABETH HERRICK/Who departed this life, the 24th of April, 1759/Aged 35 years.
      Right Hand panel:  Here Lieth/Interred the Remains of/ELIZABETH the  wife/of JOHN HERRICK /of Beaumont Leas /in the County of Leicester/ Gent. And daughter of/Samuel Marshall,/of Burton Super Woulds. /Gent. by ANN His Wife./ She had issue by him two/sons and two Daughters/and departed this life the/27 of January ,1757/aged 73 years.
      The rest is illegible.
    10. (Ref a) John Nichols: History and Antiquities of the County of  Leics. Vol. 3 Part 1 


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