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021. Lucretia King d.1795

Location:  North Aisle N. Wall


  1. The memorial consists of a large flat neo-classical shaped panel. All the decoration is incised with gold leaf traces on a black background .The top of the memorial consists of three low triangles, the middle one being the largest. Each triangle has a closed funeral urn in it: the middle one on a much larger scale, is set within a rope-work roundel, this urn also has a serpent wound around it and an acanthus motif at the base. The field of the memorial is incised all the way round with a reeded line. Half way down each side of the panel is a stylised flower in a cartouche. At the lower corner is smaller stylised flower. The bottom edge forms into a bulbous shape which encloses a large cartouche with a scallop edged pattern within it, enclosed by ribbons and foliage, which also has the name Winfield carved underneath. The donor panel is incised as follows: - Line 1 - Roman Capitals Renaissance Form -deep cut: Line 2 - incised Modern Roman Capitals: Line 3 -Renaissance Italic Script Upper and lower Case: Line 4 - Scrolled Capitals with Copperplate style Lower Case letters and interlaced strapwork: Line 5 - Free flowing Copperplate Capitals with flourishes: Lines 6/8 - Normal Roman script with incised scrolls: Lines 9/12 - Roman Modern script.
  2. Slate.
  3. Third quarter 18th  century
  4. h.150 cms.         w. 80 cms.          D.8cms
  5. Winfield. William Winfield of Wymeswold 1766-1846 was a slate worker. The standard of slate cutting was admirable- his early work shows the influence of Rococo design. (ref.a)
  6. When John Nichols visited the church, 200 years ago, he recorded three other graves of members of the Greasley family in the North aisle. They are no longer visible and were presumably covered over during the extensive 19th century restoration. They were : 1.Thomas Greasley who died in 1717/16 aged 38, 2. Mary Hall, daughter of Thomas Greasley who died in 1722 aged 20 and 3. another Thomas Greasley of Mountsorrel who died in 1738 aged 29; he was married to Elizabeth Mason of Burton on the Wolds and had one daughter.   Were they perhaps Lucretia‘s grandparents.? In Philimore Marriages there is a record of the marriage at Rothley of Thomas Greasley of Mountsorrel with Ann Fulwood   on May 3rd 1744. Were these Lucretia’s parents? The Greasleys  seem to have been a Mountsorrel merchant family. There are wills  in the LRRO  of Thomas Greasley who died in 1738 and  of Richard Greasley who was a fellmonger ( he traded in skins).In St Peter’s church in Mountsorrel there is the grave of another Thomas Greasley who died in 1765 and of his wife Anne who died in 1733.     (This information is incomplete).                     
  7. -
  8. BENEATH /THIS STONE.LIE THE REMAINS OF/Lucretia King/only daughter of Thos & Ann Greasley/SHE DEPARTED THIS MORTAL LIFE/THE TWELVE.OF APRIL 1795, IN THE/ 56TH YEAR OF HER AGE/How lov’d, how honour’d once, availed thee not/To whom related, or by whom begot. /a heap of duƒt alone remaining of thee/Tis all thou art, and all the proud shall be.
  9. (ref.a) Lucretia King 1795: Monumental Journal No.24 (1957) P.358


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