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016. Floor Slab - John Hutchinson d.1706 / Elizabeth Hutchinson d.1743

Location:  South Wall - Floor Slab


  1. South Transept Wall -  Rectangular slate floor slab. Incised white lettering on slab in Roman script, u/c and l/c, surrounded by a 7cm border. The lower section, referring to the death of Elizabeth, was inscribed at the later date following her death, in differing indiscernible script. The slab is well worn and mainly indecipherable, with a central section repaired in concrete. Slab is partly hidden by modern cupboards.
  2. Black Slate
  3. 13 September 1706
  4. h. 184 cm x w. 147 cm (26 cm hidden beneath cupboards). x d. Unknown
  5. -
  6. -
  7. Lieutenant John Hutchinson was slain at Montjuic, during the Siege of Barcelona, Spain in 1706.
  8. Donated by Henry Thistlewaite of Mountsorrel, Father-in-law of John Hutchinson, on 17 Sept 1722.
  9. " Here lieth the body of Lieut. John Hutchinson,/the son of Major Hutchinson/that was slain at Montjuic, Barcelona in Spain 1706;/dear spouse of Elizabeth daughter of/Henry Thistlewaite, gent/who laid this to his memory, and to be interred by him'/Obiit 13 sept. Ann. Dom. 1722, aetat. fuae 35."ref (a)
    "Here also lieth the body of Elizabeth his wife, /daughter of Henry Thistlewaite, gent/late of Mountsorrel; /who departed this life Jan.5, 1743, aged 67."/ ref (b)  
  10. (a) Latin translates as 'Died 13 sept. ad 1722, surpassing the age of 35'.

    (b) Translation taken from: John Nichols History and Antiquities of the County of Leics. Vol. 3. Part 1


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