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011. Martha Utber's Daughter (assumed)

Location:  South Transept Floor


  1. Rectangular slate floor slab with well worn incised lettering. Incised rectangular border with white paint and a further rectangular border within this. A diamond shaped coat of arms within an incised circular frame with stylised leaves, at the top there is an arrow pointing down; The Roman script has a mixture of capital and lower case letters using the long s. The final line is in Latin. There is a fissure from the top of the slab to more than halfway down it.
  2. Black slate
  3. -
  4. Length 180.5 cm x width 94 cm
  5. -
  6. -
  7. On the nearby wall tablet dedicated to Martha Utber the text states that" in a vault at the foot of this monument lies interr'd together with her only Daughter The Body of Martha Utber" The arms at the top of the floor tablet resemble the arms on Martha Utber's memorial. Martha's daughter predeceased her mother by more than sixteen years, as the wall tablet was erected in 1745 sometime before Martha died in 1761.
  8. Presumably Martha Utber.
  9. How with the Wellspent Life/ - the Pile accords/Tis Man's to judge his God's/to grant rewards/in his Christ I place my/greatest pleasure/of Sinners penitent the Joy/and Treasure/plusquam Victrix
  10. Martha Utber's wall tablet in South Transept aka Memorial Chapel


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