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005. War Memorial

Location:  South Transept Wall


  1.  The oak War memorial stretches the full length of the eastern wall of the S Transept with a central reredos. The memorial consists of 14 oak panels; on the upper part twelve are inscribed with 71 names of those who died serving the country in the Great War 1914-18. There are smaller rectangular panels below. Either side of the reredos above the oak panels there is, in stylised lettering in caps, THE GREAT WAR 1914-18. There is a decorative motif alongside this and a deeper one on each of the panels. Below this in carved caps is ROLL OF HONOUR with a further motif on either side. The central reredos stands proud of the panels and has four pomegranates/thistles and a crown within a circle with a cross above. At each end of the reredos is a seated angel holding a candle, central is more carved fretwork with a cross with Christ crucified. On the left is the Virgin Mary and on the right is St John, both are on pedestals. Convex panels with two rows of carved patterns.
  2. Wood - Oak
  3. 1921 - 1923
  4. Reredos   h 206cm ×210cm     Top of fretwork h24cm×190cm
    L 342w R 348 w
  5.  The oak panels were carved by Mr Hind at a cost of £320.  The reredos was  carved by a London firm    
  6. -
  7. About 1918, the Bishop suggested that the old disused Communion table at the west of the church be moved and placed in a suitable position in the South Transept, which was then to be converted into a side chapel. The Jacobean Communion Table was restored and put into proper use in 1921. It was proposed to erect a reredos  between the windows on the east side of the transept to serve as a War Memorial to those who died in the Great War (1914-1918) but it was agreed that the work would  not be undertaken until peace was proclaimed. This was unveiled by the Bishop of Peterborough in 1923 (Ref and b)
  8. -
  9.  Names as listed on panels
  10. a)
    b) Holy Trinity Church” by Lynne Brookes


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