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004. Wall Tablet - Mary Perkins d.1790 / George Perkins d.1800

Location:  South Transept East Wall


  1. Light grey elliptical wall tablet. At the crown of the tablet is a raised gadrooning, shaped as a gold sunburst, in the centre is a down pointed gold triangle The inscription is inscribed within an elliptical shape with a carved high relief laurel wreath which has crossed ends at its base. Above the wreath are a crossed down turned anchor, from left to right, and Latin Cross from right to left both carved in high relief and tied centrally with a carved ribbon bow. At the lower section of the tablet is an urn shaped carving in high relief, with a carved leaf at either side of the urn base. The upper lid section of the urn carving is missing. The inscription is written in Roman lettering, in mixed u/c and l/c caps using the long‘s’. The initial word ‘deposited’ and the final line ‘aged 66’ are encased in decorative spiral scrolling (voluted). In the later inscribed lower section of the memorial relating to George Perkins, his name and all numerals are in sloped Roman lettering.
  2. Inscription tablet in limestone, decorated to produce a flecked, imitation marble. High relief in limestone.
  3. Late 18th century and early 19th century
  4. h 152cm  w.76cm (at widest point) d. 2cm
  5. -
  6. At the 1760  Inclosure Act George Perkins was granted a parcel of land  on west of Brookfield and Middlefield lands by the  Trustees of Charities of Barrow  (Ref.a). In 1790 he left a gratuity of £20.00 p.a. to the poor of Barrow. In 1795 he was a signatory to a letter of thanks to LEICS. Cavalry and JP’s following the Barrow Riot.(Ref. b) He was half brother to the Rev Humphrey Perkins founder of the grammar school. (Ref.c) George Perkins was married to Mary Tompson by Licence on 28th December 1761. Mary Tompson daughter of George and Sarah Tompson was baptised on 16th November 1743. She had siblings :Sarah, Anne, Elizabeth, Sarah Clifton and George. (Ref. d) In the churchyard,’In the South Transept: on another neat mural tablet: “Deposited the remains /of Mary, the wife of George/ Perkins, gent. who died/June 4 1790, in the 47th /Year of her age”e)
  7. -
  8. Deposited/ /the remains of MARY/the Wife of GEORGE  PERKINS Gent/ who died January 4 1790/in the 47th year of her age/Alƒo, the above/ GEOe. PERKINS Gent./He died Jany.1ƒt.1800/Aged 66/
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