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Holy Trinity Parish Church Memorials


This record of the memorials in Holy Trinity Church, Barrow-upon-Soar, is the work of the Barrow Heritage group over almost twelve months. It developed out of an earlier project which looked at some Barrow Notables and Luminaries. The church was an obvious place to look for significant people who have lived in the village.

We hope that this will be of interest to visitors to the church and that it will also provide the church with an accurate record of the memorials.

We are very grateful to all the people who have helped us

We have tried very hard to check that everything we have written is accurate however if there are any errors or omissions, or if you have anything to add, please tell us.

In doing the recording we have followed the conventions of NADF AS (National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) so they are done in a nationally recognised style.

We have started the numbering of the fixed memorials on the South side of the chancel and continued clockwise round the church. Their position is shown on the plan of the church.

The movable memorials are listed separately with an indication of where they are currently situated.
We have included a list of the memorials which are described in earlier publications about the church but which are no longer visible.

The information on the Stained Glass Windows was kindly given by Paul Sharpling D.A.C. We are grateful to him for permission to use it.

The numbers 1-10 in the left hand margin of each record indicate:      

Click name to view memorial details.                                      

 No.  Location  Name  Type
 001  South side of chancel  Tom Stone  
 002  South Transept floor  Ralph Smalley  
 003  South Transept floor  Elizabeth wife of Ralph Smalley  
 004  South Transept wall  Mary & George Perkins  Marble & Slate
 005  South Transept wall  War Memorial  Oak
 006  South Transept wall  Robert & Margery Smalley  Slate & Limestone
 007  South Transept wall  Wildbore & Elizabeth Kirk  Marble & Slate
 008  South Transept wall  Rev. Richard & Rose Eddowes  
 009  South Transept floor  Edward Wildbore Kirk  
 010  South Transept wall  Martha Utber  
 011  South Transept floor  Martha Utber, daughter  
 012  South Aisle wall  Harold Oliver Pell  Slate
 013  South Aisle floor  John Clarke  Slate
 014  Soth Aisle floor  William Frankes  Slate
 015  South aisle floor  Heraldry  Slate
 016  By South door on floor  John & Elizabeth Hutchinson  Slate
 017  On Tower wall  Thomas Peter Towle  Slate
 018  On Font cover  Ivy Brookes  Cover wood font
 019  Under cupboards  Unknown  Slate
 020 Floor of west wall under cupboards  Unknown  Slate
 021  North Aisle wall  Lucretia King  Swithland slate
 022  North Aisle wall  Thomas Bradshaw  Limestone on slate
 023  North Aisle floor  Samuel & Anne Marshall  Slate
 024/25  North Aisle floor  John Herrick & wife Elizabeth   Slate
 026  Wall of vicar's vestry  John & Anne Beaumont  Slate & limestone
 027  Wall of vicar's vestry  Rev. William & Susannah Easton  Slate & limestone
 028  In office / choir vestry  Col.Edward Chippendall &  Rev.Newham  Brass
 029  Pews in Chancel  Frank Cresswell  Wood
 030  North wall of chancel  Cave memorial  Slate & limestone
 031  North wall of chancel  Robert Braham & Henry Cave  Slate & limestone
 032  Reredos, Altar  Crossley family  Stone
 033  Litany desk  Anne & William Ladkin  Wood
 034 Wooden Desk  Bernard Stedman Payne     Wood
 035  Parish notice board in porch  Nellie Clarke  Wood & glass
 036 Processional Cross    Kathryn Print Brass
 037 Votive Stand  Simon Walters   Metal
 038 Lectern  Oswald Fielden Wood
 039  No longer visible  Memorials noted by John Nichols  

  1. Description
  2. Materials
  3. Date
  4. Measurements
  5. Artist, architect, designer, sculptor, woodworker etc
  6. Manufacturer or retailer
  7. History of item or family
  8. Donor and date of gift
  9. Memorial inscription or dedication
  10. References

After the descriptions of the memorials you will find copies of some of the documents we have used in trying to discover something about the people who are commemorated in the church.



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