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No. 31 High Street

In 1871 this house was occupied by Samuel Wale who was a Baker and Grocer. By 1881 the Marcer family had taken over the house, bakery and shop. The property continues to be owned by the Marcer family but the bakery and associated shop closed in the 1980s when Mr Marcer retired. The bakery was behind the shop.

There were also outhouses behind the bakery premises.

There were 3 cottages alongside the Marcer property where there is a building plot now.

Since the bakery closed the shop has been a Children's Clothes and Toyshop and is now an Upholsterers (Philip Marshall).


Four generations of baking end.

A long tradition of baking came to an end in Barrow upon Soar Saturday with the closure of the family business of S. W. Marcer and Son.

The last in the line of family bakers, 63 year old Mr Kenneth William Marcer, retired at the weekend after 50 years in the business.
His son, Erroll, an electrician, will not be continuing the business and , because the bakery at 31 High Street is also the family home an outsider cannot take over.
Mr Marcer said he had mixed feelings about retiring. "It is sad no one can continue the business, but I'm looking forward to retirement."
The business was started by his great-grandfather, William Marcer, in East Leake, Mr Marcer's grandfather moved the bakery from East Leake to Regent Street, Leicester and later to Barrow upon Soar.
Mr Marcer's father, Samuel William Marcer, took over in 1887 and ran the firm for many years. For Mr Marcer and his wife, Dora who worked with him, retirement will mean the end of a working day which began at 6.30 in the morning and often went on until late at night.
And for the people of Barrow it will mean they will have to go elsewhere for bread made in the traditional way, with the best grades of flour and no additives.



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