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Tythe Farm

Tithe Farm Sale 

ROLLR      DE   688/14    -      Tithe Farm Sale Details 1926

Extracted From Local Studies Record Office, Wigston, Leics  
(NB: This copy was the one which the auctioneer had used, so it had various additional comments on it).

ON THE COVER, hand written

Captain Fielding Johnson £6950 ( no explanation)

Sold by direction of R.P. Allsebrook esq. JP ( no explanation)

The sale was on 8th March 1926 

General: 193 a  2f 32 p

Good corn growing, sheep, and dairy farm.

Arable land flat and easily worked.

Sold in 3 lots.     

Land tax of 6/- per annum on Lot 2

Small fee of farm rent  12/4 on Lot 3

Small land Tax of 10/5 per annum Lot 3


Residence, out buildings, garden

Entrance Hall, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Breakfast Room, Kitchen,

Scullery with copper, sink, & enamel bath with waste pipe and hard and soft water pump.

Two well lighted dairies.

Front & back staircase......4 bedrooms.

Harness room , Coal place.

Modern Farm buildings—

Cooling house, two Loose Boxes

Shed for 12 cows with brick &  cement floor

Shed for 6 cows with brick and cement floor

Shed for 6 cows with brick floor

Shed for 7 cows with brick floor

Stable for 5 horses Chaff house or Mixing place. 

Nag Stable for 1 Horse

Large Barn with extensive granary

Magnificent covered yard 90ft×45ft

Garage for two motor cars or cart shed.

Sleeper Loose Box with corrugated iron roof

Wood Wagon Hovel   with corrugated iron roof

Wood Implement Shed with corrugated iron roof

3 Bay Dutch Barn

Crewyard partly covered.

Also machines in the barn at £50

Victoria 5 hp Petrol Engine  No 1441 as fixed in concrete bed.

Cartwrights Grinding Mill

Bamfords ‘perfect’ Post Cutter

Two belts.

There is some good hedgerow timber on the lot which is included in the sale.

Bottom Hog Hole                                       Grass                                    6.753

Far Petty Lands                                          Grass                                    6.754

Spring Wells                                              Grass                                    6.104

Middle Hog Hole                                         Arable                                   6.813

First Petty Lands                                        Grass                                     6.398

Little Sand Pit                                            Grass                                     6.475

Top Hog Hole                                             Arable                                    7.405

Footpath Close                                           Grass                                   11.937

Big Sand Pit                                               Arable                                   10.950

Top Eight Acre                                            Arable                                    7. 731

Quarry Close                                              Grass                                     7.731

Old Clover Acres                                         Arable                                  10.950

Road                                                                                                         .758

House Buildings etc                                                                                   1.501   

Stackyard Field                                              Grass                                   6.334

Pasture Pieces                                                Arable                                 6.104

Sledge  Close                                                  Grass                                  8.219

Barrow Hill                                                      Grass                                 6.828

Red Lands                                                       Grass                                 9.042

Two Waters                                                      Grass                                 8.027

The Five Acres                                                  Grass                                4.748

The Furrows                                                     Grass                                4.873

Big Daddy                                                         Arable                               5.678

                                                                                                TOTAL     177.263


Two fields of Rich Grass Land, a good building site on the east side of Barrow Hill

7a      2r        30p

Shepherds’ Hill Field                               Grass                                            2.229

    “                    “                                    “                                                 1.473

    “                     “                                   “                                                 3.984

Note says Marshall £350, as Bid


A Field of Feeding Land

North End Field (656 OS)

8a        3r        0p

Good Hedgerow Timber (principally elm) will be included in the sale.

Fee Farm Rent of 12/4 per annum.       

 Tythe Farm

Discussion with Mrs Gay Pepper 

Mrs Pepper’s granddad George Perkins farmed land ,which he rented , on Sileby Rd where the new industrial units are as well as land behind the Hunting Lodge , which probably belonged to the Martin family. The Perkins family lived on Sileby Rd next to the house on the left hand side which used to be a shop. He had cows, pigs and hens. He sold most of what he produced in the village. His daughter Dolly used to accompany him when he delivered the milk; she carried the yoke with the buckets. (She eventually married George Clarke and kept the paper shop at the top of Cotes Rd). He also collected the night soil from the pan toilets which he spread on his fields. He told a story about a lady who thought she had dropped her diamond ring in the toilet and asked him to look for it when he emptied the night soil onto the fields. She offered a generous reward but he, despite trying, did not find it, He was generous to his customers who were in need and gave milk and other provisions, from the family pantry, to a lady who was a widow. He shared the farming with the Kimbers: they shared a threshing machine and the harvesting.

Monty Perkins, Gay’s father worked with his father, he was never paid and though he won a place a grammar school his father did not let him go . Jim Lockwood, who was the groom at the Hunting Lodge, was Monty’s best man.

George’s wife Harriet (Iliffe) kept the King Bill pub. She boiled potatoes for the pigs in the back of the pub. The customers used to ask;” Bring pig taters” she served them is a bowl with some butter.

Gay’s husband John Pepper came from Poole Farm in Quorn, it belonged to the council and is on the way to Pillings Lock. He came to Tythe farm which he eventually bought, He had cows and the milk went to the station in churns. The farm was sold after his death.

He appears on the photograph of the fencing competition.


 Kathryn Timmons.   31/01/2015


Tythe Farm Tythe Farm Sheep Haymaking



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