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Cream Lodge Farm

Cream Lodge Farm

Key dates.

2005 – 1988. Colin,  Christine and   Katherine   DRAYCOTT.

1978 – 1958. Francis, Idina, Steven  and Michael BIRD.  Francis took over the farm on the death of his    father Joseph.                                             

1957 – Joseph BIRD of Cream Lodge Farm died aged 80. Probate was granted to John and James  William BIRD, farmers. He left effects valued at £5996 9s 6d.

1948 – Joseph, Alice and Francis BIRD.

1941 – Farm is 150 acres.

1928 – James, Joseph, Alice and John BIRD.

1924 – Francis BIRD born and in Barrow, son of Joseph and  Alice Lydia.   Joseph, Alice and 3 children, John, Helena and Tom were living at Glebe Farm, Hathern in1911 and must have  moved to Barrow some time between 1919 and 1924. Joseph and his parents John and Elizabeth were all born in Worthington Leicestershire.

1919 – Elizabeth Mary KAY died. Probate was granted to Ruth KAY, spinster and daughter. She left  effects valued at £3190 15s 1d.

1914 – John KAY died aged 56 at the Nursing Home, Leicester Rd. Loughborough. Probate was granted to his widow Elizabeth Mary Kay. His effects were valued at £2004 7s 5d.

1911 – John and Elizabeth KAY, who had been married 26 years and had 5 children were living at Cream Lodge with 4 daughters including Ruth born in 1889.

1901 – John and Elizabeth KAY were living at Cream Lodge with their 5 daughters. Harriet the youngest was the only one born in Barrow in 1898 so the family must have moved therebetween 1895 and 1898. Before this they were living at Middle Farm, Walton 891 – William and Mary BIDDLES. William is recorded as farm bailiff living there with his wife, oung  nephew and 2 agricultural labourers.   He was born in Old Dalby and Mary in   Thrussington and this is where they were living in 1881. By 1901 William had become a farm bailiff at Shelthorpe Farm, Leicester Rd. Loughborough and he and Mary were still there in 1911. They had been married by 31 years by then but had no children.

1881 – William and Elizabeth NEWBY. William was from Syston and is described as an agricultural  labourer. His wife was from Ashbourne and their children had been born in Barsby and Ab   Kettleby. Only Harriet was born in Barrow in 1868 but in 1871 the family was living at Cliff Terrace. William was a lime labourer and son John was a plough boy. The family must have moved to Cream Lodge between 1872 and 1881.

1871 – George and Sarah DUFFIN.  George was a farm labourer living with his wife at Cream Lodge, Paudy Lane. They were both born in Barrow and in 1861 were living in Bridge St.  By 1881 hey had left Cream Lodge and were living in North St.           

1861 – Thomas and Hannah TOWELL. Thomas was an agricultural labourer, born in Walton on the  Wolds and  living at Cream Lodge  with his wife and 5 children. His son Tom, 11, was a  plough boy on the farm. Previously Thomas and Hannah had lived in North St. and by 1871 Thomas was living with 2 of his daughters at The Old Barn, Burton on Wolds.

1851 – Thomas and Ann GARNER. The farm is recorded as Garner’s Lodge in the Census and Thomas was described as farmer (formerly). He was living there with his wife Ann and daughter Sarah 32 and unmarried.  They had left Barrow by 1861 and were living at Shelthorpe  Lodge,  Leicester  Rd. Loughborough   with Sarah’s young daughter.

1846 – Thomas GARNER, farmer, Cream Lodge. (White’s   Directory).

1841 – Thomas and Ann GARNER. They are recorded as living at Barrow’s Lodge but this was probably   the original name of Cream Lodge. They are living there with daughter Sarah  and  son Thomas who was living at Brook Farm in 1849. 


 In the 19th Century  Cream Lodge Farm was farmed by tenants or employees who generally moved on after a few years. In the 20th Century this appears to have changed and, based on the wealth of the farmers, the land was owned by John KAY and then by the BIRD family.

Discussion With David Bird 

The family have farmed in the area since the 1920’s. David’s granddad Joseph Bird bought Cream Lodge in 1920. It had 90 acres of land

The farm dates back to 1800’s (see OS map)

The family owned two other farms: Barrow Fields and Elms Lodge. They were run separately though they did sometimes share machinery.

Granddad built a 3 bed bungalow in 1947. Uncle Jim’s bungalow is the only one which is unchanged

The only person who still farms is Graham Crooks. The other farms are largely equine.

Cream Lodge is now three properties, one is for sale at 2½ million. It originally had a proper farmyard.

It was a mixed farm: pigs, sheep, and hens. It remained viable until the 50s-60s but ceased to function as a farm in the 70s.

The produce went to local markets; the eggs were collected by the Egg Marketing Board.

Grandma used to make butter and cheese and take it to the village to sell

K Timmons / Veronica  Brown    9/2/2015


Threshing Cream Lodge Sheep Harvesting



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